Good. Fun.

We founded Candy Treasure with the goal of making quality,
fun candy that’s different and better in a real, obvious and meaningful
way – and priced reasonably, so parents can happily treat their kids.


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We want Candy Treasure, LLC to be a company you wish you worked for. Or if you’re a kid, we aim for Candy Treasure to be the kind of company you wish your dad, mom, uncle, aunt or neighbor worked for. Not only because that would mean you'd probably get free candy, but because if we do our jobs right, we make people – especially kids - happy.

Fun Fact:, Candy Treasure designs and produces over 100 different toys every year including: figurines, air disc launchers, table skaters, slap bracelets, memory games, 3D puzzles, snap-on collectible buttons, and more. Every toy we make is stickable, wearable, playable or buildable!


x marks the spot

Fortunately, the concept of combining the fun and excitement kids want with the quality and value parents need, resonates with families. Candy Treasure has grown dramatically every year since Choco Treasure™ - the first chocolate treasure eggs with a toy surprise sold in the USA - was launched nationally in 2013. Choco Treasure is now available in thousands of stores across the USA from big-sized stores such as Target to convenience stores such as 7-Eleven.

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Candy Treasure Konz and Gummi bearied treasure are so many treats in one two

Gummi Bearied Treasure packs an orchard of natural fruit flavored gummies in a real treasure chest! Choco Treasure and Candy Treasure Konz both use premium cocoa beans, so adults – not only kids - will love how they taste. Choco Treasure uses 100% milk chocolate from Switzerland, while Konz fills a crispy waffle cone with rich cocoa cream - and tops it with crunchy, colorful candy pastilles. And of course, all have a collectible toy surprise!